Here's what parents are saying about us!

Just wanted to send a "thank you" your way. We had the girls' conferences tonight. Both are doing great. Emma is reading at level 5 which is end of the year for kindergarten. Her teacher is sure she'll be at end of 1st grade/beginning 2nd by the end of the year. She's scoring high all around. I credit your program with a lot of it. You prepare those kids so well. It was a true blessing to be able to give Emma that extra year and for her to have your class. She grew so much! Thank you!!! You are so important!


Marco got his very first report card today! I couldn't be happier and YOU were the first person I thought of! THANK YOU for all of your hard work with Marco and all of your children! You give them such an amazing head start to kindergarten and we are so very thankful for all that you have taught him both academically and socially! We wish you a very blessed Thanksgiving! And thank you again!

– Deborah

We chose little blessings based on the recommendations of many other parents who sent their children there. I could not be happier. Every day we see our three year old transforming into her own little self. It truly amazes us what she has learned in only a month! 
She is learning to become more independent of us and how to be comfortable in social setting where we are not present. She comes home very happy every school day! Thank you Little Blessings!

– Anitra M.